M-39 Ak47 kush


A rare phenotype of the popular hybrid AK-47, Cherry AK-47 is a medicinal marvel with a high that strikes almost instantly for relief from depression and stress, and relaxation that can lull a tired body into a deep and restful sleep.


Aromas of skunk and earth overpower the nose but a sweet hint of cherry adds to the rounded out fragrance of medicinally-beneficial Cherry AK-47. The strain is most notable for its ability to change a sour mood to something sweet with rapid-fire intensity. With 70% sativa dominance, fans of Cherry AK-47 marijuana feel happy, even psychedelically euphoric, and physically relaxed, although it can border on tired. Keep in mind that Cherry AK-47 can top out at 26% THC, and may not be the best strain for beginners.


As it tends to be susceptible to mold, Cherry AK-47 marijuana seeds are most often recommended for growers with an intermediate skill level in the garden. Close attention must be paid to humidity levels so your trees, which should finish pumping up their red-tinged buds within 8 weeks, don’t succumb to common molds. You may also want to invest in a strong carbon filter or another exhaust system since these tall plants can emit quite a powerful aroma.

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